Andamosis” is the Greek word for meeting but for me it is much more!
Anda is my nickname so, I combined it with the desire to meet you, to impart my knowledge and show you around all the worth seeing sites so that we will meet again!


Why should you have an Andamosis with us?


The “Andamosis” team has professional guides, with a remarkable academic background in History, Archaeology, Art, all certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Greece. They speak English, French and German fluently and they are ready to take you on a trip to the Wonders of the Ancient Greek civilisation.


We offer guided tours to small groups of children, adults, business travellers and couples of all ages.

Hi! My name is Anda. My admiration for museums, archaeological sites and my love for the history they preserve, urged me to study History and Archaeology. I enriched my knowledge of Museology with postgraduate studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris.


My eagerness to share the knowledge, emotion, inspiration and entertainment that a museum or archaeological site offers, led me to getting certified as a licenced tour guide.


I have created the “Andamosis” tour operation system and I am glad to invite you to get acquainted with the Greek culture. You can get the best cognitive approach and have unexpected surprises with our “personal signature”.

Hi! My name is Dimitris, I studied archeology and history of the arts and I am a tour guide by profession, and I do it by heart. I am happy about people who visit Greece and are interested in the country and its people, and I would like to meet them as true guests in my home country.


I believe that it is important to take over people from where they stand with their own knowledge and to give them an insight into history, art and culture, but also into other aspects of life in Greece. And maybe at the end of our day together we will say: “Kali Andamosis” See you next time!


Hi! My name is John, native Athenian. I love to meet people, hear their stories and interact with. In my trips all over the world, due to my previous job as an export manager, i discovered many hidden gems of the cities i have visited.


Now it’s my turn to drive you around Athens and Greece and help you have an unforgettable «Andamosis» with the beauties of my country and city day and night.



Each programme can be adjusted to the time and duration you wish.

We work with a network of certified guides from other regions of Greece, too. So, if you are interested in having a tour in a place farther than Attica, just contact us and we can arrange it.

Our professional drivers will offer you a transfer to and from the site upon your request.